Halloween, Sharing Time and Family

We had a great weekend! We were able to spend some time as a family ans Madison has been so much fun and so happy this weekend. Saturday she pushed herself ALL day trying not to go to sleep and she did really well at it. It must have completely wore her out because on Sunday she woke up to eat and that was about it.
Derrick actually suggested putting up our Halloween decorations on Saturday even though it isn't October yet so we had fun doing that. We ran errands and got several things done around the house.
Semptember has been my month for sharing time and it has been the first month that I have had to do it since I was called into the presidency. Our senior primary has about 15 kids and they can be pretty chatty so I assigned seats and promised that if they were good they could pick where they sit next time I teach. They quickly asked if I wasn't teaching in two weeks and said they wanted me to and were bummed that I wouldn't be. It made me feel really good to know that I am not boring them the whole time. We have a wonderful primary and I am so blessed to be with them each Sunday and serve with the women I do.
After church we went to Nicholas and Christina's to barbque. Brenton was blessed and unfortunatley we missed that but we were glad to be able to spend time chatting and laughing with family. We are looking forward to this weekend when we will get to be with them some more!

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