Sick of being sick....

My poor girl. She is so tired and only wants to sleep on my chest and every time she drifts off to sleep I cough and it wakes her up. I was finally able to scoot out from under her and she stayed asleep. Hopefully she can take LONG nap. Since she has been sick she only eats half of what she normally would which means she wakes up to eat more often. She also has a bad cough and is so congested she keeps waking herself up. Hopefully we can kick this soon and Derrick doesn't get it.

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  1. Try a little vics rub, when my babes are this little I rub it on a onesie under their jammers on their back, it really makes a big difference. Also there is a product called simple saline, and i usually squirt it up their noses just before they eat to help clear out their nasal passages. Good luck there is nothing worse then a sick baby. She looks so cute though : )