Okay, I have been a slacker on blogging the last week. Pictures will be coming soon but I thought I would let you all know some of the cute things that Madi has started doing and some of the things she says. Her latest is "pop-pop" which means she wants a popsicle. So cute! She also says mama, dada, grandma, Jesus, cheese, ham, yum, honk, kuh kuh and I am sure there's more but I can't think of them right now.
She had her first dentist appointment yesterday. She did great! I got scolded for letting her take her bottle to bed (something I said I would NEVER do when I had kids :D). She LOVES to be read to. Her favorite book is called I Love You Through and Through. I read it to her and when it ends she starts crying (fake of course) because she wants me to read it again. She would do it all day if I would let her. My limit is about five times and then I'm done. :D She has started pointing. She has been pointing for a while but now she is pointing at EVERYTHING. It is so fun to see her point and tell us what she wants.
I will love when she can actually talk well enough to tell me what she wants. She finished her antibiotic on Saturday. Sunday she cried for six hours! I figured it was from teething. Monday she was crying when she woke up but then seemed happy the rest of the morning. When I got her up from her nap she had a TON of drainage from her ear. I took her to the doctor and she has a double ear infection. There wasn't a big tear on her eardrum but the doctor said it could be a small one. (There was too much junk to tell) She put her on a stronger antibiotic and is also having us give her Zyrtec. She thinks her ear infections may be stemming from Madi's allergies. She has really bad hay fever. On top of all that, she is starting to get a yeast infection from the antibiotics. My poor girl. It makes me so sad to have her sick. It amazes me that for the most part she is still so happy. What a blessing she is!
Madi loves being outside, looking at pictures, especially of herself, reading stories, cuddling (one of my faves), TV (I said she wasn't going to watch that until she was two!) when I let her, eating, playing with her toys and just about anything with mommy or daddy. Her favorite foods lately are cheese, meat, Gerber puffs and bananas. She hates getting dressed and would rather be naked. Lately she even hates to have her diaper on. She isn't fond of playing in the water unless it's the bath tub or I am holding her. She HATES to be strapped in to anything, car seat, stroller, high chair, shopping carts... because she wants to STAND not sit. I am afraid she is going to crack her head open someday.
Madi is going to be one a week from Friday. I can hardly believe it. This last year has gone by so fast! Madi brings so much joy, love and happiness into our home and into our family. It has been a wonderful year and I am excited to celebrate her birthday! Derrick's is the day before so he took Thursday and Friday off work. It will be wonderful to have a few extra days with him. :D

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