Clinton Heritage Days...

Clinton had their Heritage Days last weekend. We decided to go Friday night and check it out. They had a carnival, booths and live music. We were planning on letting Madi ride a few of the kiddie rides, then we saw that it was $3.00 per ride for the kid ones. Holy cow!!! I would rather take her to Lagoon! So, we walked around and checked out a booth. There was a family there with a booth doing fundraising to help fund their adoption. We bought a candy grab bag from them. We are totally willing to support a cause like that! Madi thought it was great too. They had Twizzlers in the bag. Madi hadn't ever had licorice before so we tore a piece of and gave it to her while we listened to the band.
Before long she grabbed the whole thing of my lap and was gnawing on it. Guess it was a hit!

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