West Point Days, Fireworks and Celebration...

Yesterday our city had West Point Days. Last year was the first year that we went and it will be a tradition as long as we live here. It is a great day and we have really enjoyed it both years that we have gone. This year Madi participated in the baby contest. We had to wake her up from her nap to go and she has been sick so she was REALLY clingy. She didn't win any of the big prizes but there were over 50 babies and they did call her back with another baby for one of the categories. Madi didn't make it though. Next year she will take it all since she won't be sick (at least we hope not) and will not be around nap time. :D The only thing they had to do was be in red, white and blue. This is what Madi wore. Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter baby??? Madi and daddy waiting for the results...
Madi and mommy waiting for the results...
After the contest we ran to check out Winco, a new grocery store that opened down the road this week. We scored some great deals! We headed home after so Derrick could finish up his lesson for priesthood today. Madi is everywhere and she loves to crawl in and out and through our chairs. Once she gets herself stuck she can't figure out how to get back out.
Her "mean mama" has to take pictures of how cute she is before helping her find a way out.
But as soon as I move the chair the tears turn off and she happily chatters again.
Derrick grilled us some burgers for lunch. Madi was so sad when he went outside and didn't take her. She headed straight for the door so she could play with him through the glass. (Don't look at how dirty my windows are!:D)
Giving daddy kisses. (This is why they are as dirty as they are. I love the hand prints she leaves though and someday I will miss the smudges she leaves all over everything.)
Madi is such a happy girl. She is so wonderful to have in our home and in our family.
How can you resist those BIG BLUE EYES???
Around six we headed back to the park for dinner, entertainment and fireworks. We had lots of good food, listened to some classics from a live band that comes every year and played cards while we waited. My favorite part of the night was when they sang the Hokey Poky and I helped Madi do it. Madi giggled the whole time. I love to hear her laugh! I got some cotton candy because I had to see Madi's reaction to the texture. She DID NOT love it. :D
While we waited for fireworks we got Madi a glow necklace. Every time we go to one of these I say next time we are going to sale them. They make bank of those!
Madi loved playing with it and would put it on and take it off and then do it over again. She watched all the kids around us playing with theirs and crawled all over mom and dad.
Madi downed some yogurt before we changed her into her jammies. She was past done by this point.
We bought her two glow bracelets to keep her entertained. Good thing I grabbed a fist full of change before we headed out. Once the fireworks started she watched for a minute or so before breaking into tears.
She cried off and on throughout the show. She loved the lights and flashes but the noise scared her.
Next year I need to bring my tripod. I want to get some cool shots of the fireworks.
All in all it was a great day! We are so grateful for this wonderful country that we live in and for the men, women and families that sacrifice so much so that we may have the freedoms we do!
Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. Oh she is the cutest. What a wonderful 4th of July. I LOVED all of the pics, even the dirty window ones (you need to come see mine, now they are dirty.) LOVE YOU!!! p.s. your hair cut is darling, I love it, such a cute cut on you.

  2. She really is darling! Something I have learned about glow necklaces.... go the day before to All a Dollar and buy them. You will save a ton of $$ Madi is ADORABLE!!!

  3. I LOVE pageants or contests rather (Maisey won a couple when she was little) but the judges must have been off this day because Madi is the cutest darn thing! I give her a first place nomination for cutest baby with the prettiest eyes! I love her red, white, and blue outfit! Did you make her bow and bracelett? I use to make cute accessories for Maisey but now it's hit or miss. The "misses" end up on a younger friend because girls lose their style for awhile once they reach 6 or 7 (at least I think so:D)! Your 4th festivities remind me of Hood River. Small towns do it well... Do you live in a small town, anyway? I've STILL never been to Utah darn it! And tha smudges on the glass, I remember a conference talk speaking about the memories that come from those about a year ago. I love all the talks so I won't even try to quote which one, but all mother's someday mourn the loss of the residues our little ones leave behind! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for leaving me a comment with your address! Can I add you to my blog roll?