Splash Park...

This week we went to check out the Riverdale Splash Park. When we got there it wasn't on so I asked a guy that was there cleaning the bathroom when they turn on. He said they were broke on Thursday and wasn't sure when they come on. So we layed out our blanket and ate some snacks. Jaxon and Kyah were getting antsy to run and play so they went over there to play without the water. Then a maintence guy came out and told us you have to push a button for the water to come. Would have been nice to know 45 minutes earlier!!! :D Madi wasn't sure about it. She has been kind of funny about playing in the water. She clings to me and does not want to get down. We sat on the side and Madi thought about going in a few times but always turned around and crawled back.
Jaxon did his "Iron Man" for me.
Kyah enjoyed playing in the water until it started to get crowded. Then she just wanted to sit with Madi and I. We went back to the blanket and watched Jaxon and the other kids play. Splash parks are genious! Where were they when I was a kid???

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