Bountiful Baskets...

For those that have never tried Bountiful Baskets, I thought I would post a picture of all you get.
Today I got a bag of potatoes, cauliflower, white asparagus, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, two butternut squash, two pineapples, bananas, grapes, two mangos, and lots of limes, peaches and plums for only $15! Each week they have different produce. We have gotten corn, beans, cantelope, watermelon, apples, cherries and many more. We LOVE it! Check out their website. They have pick up sites in UT, AZ, WA, ID, NV, WY and TX.


  1. YUMMY!!! I just found the best recipe for a delicious summer drink that uses Limes. I am checking that website right now! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Isn't that awesome! Both my sisters do that. I wish they had it down here in NM!!