At the zoo...again...

Saturday we went to the zoo.  The weather was warmer and we are all itching for spring so we decided to go walk around and see the animals.  Madi LOVES the carousel.  You wouldn't guess by looking at her face in this picture but it was nap time. 
Madi has become very confident in her walking and no longer wants to be held, in the stroller or the basket.  She only wants to walk.  She was thrilled when we let her walk around at the zoo.  She led the way!
 I love the Asian Highlands exhibit.  I love to watch all the cats and they seem to be out a little more in the winter instead of hiding in the shade.  They have a little one room house that is supposed to be like a home in India.  There is a window that divides it from one of the exhibits.  They lynx used to be in there but this time the snow leopard was in the cage and he was right next to the window.  Madi was thrilled!  She kept saying "cat". 
I LOVE this picture of my sweet baby!!!
 Madi liked the cat exhibit too.  She especially liked the bronze tigers. 
Is there anything sweeter than a daddy and his girl???  I love to watch Derrick with Madi.  She absolutely adores him and he is so sweet with her.  I am so blessed to be married to such an incredible man.  Our kids our so lucky to have a daddy like him.  He knows when to rough house and when to cuddle.  Madi can't get enough of him.  The first thing she says in the morning is "Where's dada?" and about the time he should be coming home she likes to stand and look out the window for him.  She wants to be with him the rest of the night.  She is totally a daddy's girl and I LOVE it! 
 We had originally talked about going to the park but since they have a playground at the zoo we decided we would head there instead.  Madi is in love with slides.  She giggles as she slides down and can't wait to go again.  
We had a wonderful day at the zoo and as a family.  I always enjoy the time I have with Derrick and Madi.
[This picture is supposed to up with the "cat" comment but blogger is being difficult tonight so I will just have to deal with it out of order.  Grrr!]

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