Eighteen months...

Madi is eighteen months and two days.  She is always going.  She favorites... BOOKS, Signing Time, babies, green beans, her bottle (only if it is milk), milk (only if it is in her bottle), her daddy, her lovey, anything soft and silky, music, friends, especially Kyah, Jaxon and Guire, shopping, bath time and ANYTHING that is outside.
She has become a little more picky about what she will and won't eat and she does NOT want any help eating it. 
She is picking up so many signs.  Her latest favorite that I love is BOOK.  She will say the words as she signs them.  It is so nice to know what she is wanting. 
My favorite phrase of hers... "I want that!"  and it is so cute the way she says it that it is really hard to say no.  [Of course I have to say no a lot or else I would be buying everything from sheets to towels to garbage bags.]  She doesn't care what it is... she wants EVERYTHING! 
I love being her mom and am so glad to have her in our family.  I can't even remember what life was like without her.  I love you sweet baby!!!


  1. Wow, ready for nursery! She is a little doll and I love how you dress her. We have similar style only I don't get much say anymore. Maisey just brokj my heart this school year when she truned her nose up at the good ole GAP for Justice. I still buy 98% at the GAP, but she doesn't wear it without a fight. Oh, how I need another girl. And, this may sound patholigcal, but I've been buying girl clothes. It can't hurt. I did it with our son too and it just meant someone else was very happy when they got extra gifts.
    So, I am not sure if you left a comment on my blog about adoption cause it won't let me see who, but if you did, I would LOVE to talk to you a little, event though you didn't go throught LDSFS. I recently found this blog of yours and I loved all your proactive efforts. I would love to exchange phone number in a private FB message or something if you ever have time and would like to share with me some of your experiences. Some of my questions are admittedly not important. Congrats on your babes! Rachel

  2. Guire LOVES Madi too!!!! They need a play date soon. I love that Madi says "I want it" it seriously is so cute to hear her say it.