Date night...

Derrick's work gave him four tickets to the Grizzlie vs. LV Wranglers game last Saturday.  They were front row, center ice!  It was so fun to go and we had great company!  My brother Christopher, and his wife, Annie, came with us.  (Blogger is being weird so I will put their pic later.)  We went to Olive Garden and we ( I mean I) ate way TOO much and then went over to the game.  I love spending time with them and always have so much fun with them. 
 I LOVE going on dates with Derrick.  We don't do it enough so it makes nights like Saturday even better.  It seems so weird to be away from Madi but it is good for us to be able to spend some alone time together.  The Grizzlies played great until the last two minutes and that's when they lost it.  It was still fun though.  Thanks baby for a great night! 

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