Madi's Valentine...

Derrick got Madi a balloon for Valentine's Day.  She was SOOO excited!  Tuesday we went outside to play and she had to bring it with her.  She is a funny little one...  now that the snow is gone (oh wait, we got some last night) she has decided she LOVES the sled.  (We will be sledding today.)
 And that she needed to bring that with her on our walk too.  I let her drag the sled to the edge of our yard and then told her we needed to leave it.  I didn't want to drag that around the block.
 I LOVE this picture of Madi.  She is so in love with her balloon and carried it around the block.  I have tried to go on a walk everyday since the weather has been a little better (until last night).  Madi has done great and really enjoyed it.  I love to see her get excited and look around when she hears a dog bark or a truck coming.  She points to things and says what they are, especially trees.  She loves to point those out.  It is such a fun age!  I love it!!!

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