Memorial Day weekend...

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!  We had tons of fun seeing family on Saturday and then were so glad to have an extra day with Derrick.  We decided to take the kids swimming for FHE.  It was Easton's first time and I am totally bummed that I didn't bring my camera in.  Madi LOVED it and Easton really seemed to enjoy relaxing in the water and seeing all the people.
 What am I going to do with these bangs???  We are trying to grow them out so we don't want to cut them but the poor girl has them in her eyes all day long because she won't keep her barrette in.
 Here is our little dude all ready for the pool.  Good thing we had a pair of trunks that can cinch up good! :D
 Here is try # 24,357...
The best part of swimming is that it totally tired the kids out.  Easton slept from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am!  I was up checking to make sure he was still alive but it was still a good night for all of us!

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