Christopher and Annie...

On May 18th my little brother, Christopher, married Annie. Isn't she beautiful!?!?!Everything was so gorgeous and I am so excited to Annie in our family! Here she is waiting for the big moment!And this is Christopher waiting for it to start.And Madi waiting so patiently. (Annie made super cute hair pieces for everyone. Madi would NOT leave hers on for anything. Silly girl.)It's starting...They were so cute and you could see how much they love each other. What a special day! Look how happy they are!
They were both very nice as they ate their cake. Annie posted this on her blog... "The tradition of cutting cake and feeding each other a piece goes back hundreds of years. They used to say that is how lovers will treat each other in their lasting partnership- if they are nice or shove it in each others face." I have never heard that before. If I had I probably would have been a little nicer at my wedding. :DMadi was a trooper. Despite the long day without more than an two hour nap she was still all smiles at the end of the night! My mom, Christopher and Annie

We are so excited for the two of you! We think the world of Annie and can't wait to get to know her better. We love you guys!

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