Hot, HOT, hOt!!!

It has been so hot here (between 90 and 98 degrees) and then you throw in humidity, that both Madi and I have been sweating the whole time! I only brought a couple pair of shorts and then mostly pants for Madi because my mom said they have had a cold spring. :D It's a good thing Wal-Mart has cheap shorts and tanks because Madi was ornery in her pants! Grandma got brave and got down on the floor to play with Madi while I rubbed her back last night. Madi LOVED the attention from Grandma. She has really taken to all her aunts and uncles but especially uncle Josh!Giddy-up Aunt Rachi!Grandma's toy bin is full of new toys that Madi thought were great!She wanted to climb right inside so we tipped it for her. My sleeping beauty!She wakes up from each nap with hair so wet you would think she had just got out of the tub. :D

We are having a great time with grandma but we sure do miss daddy! We love you!!!

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