Family and Fun...

We spent the afternoon and evening at my brothers, Nicholas'. Chris, Tiffany and Rick all came over too. We had so much fun watching each other sing and the kids play together. We are going to miss them a lot when they head to WA state in July. (Christina was accepted to the MBA program at WSU)Brenton was born ten days after Madi. It is fun to watch them interact.
Madi, Caitlin and Whitney. I love seeing them play with her. I am bummed that they will be gone for at least a year. They will change so much in that time and it is fun for Madi to play with them.
Brenton crawled right on top of Madi to get to the toys but she didn't seem to mind. What cute kids! :D
While we were down there we also stopped at my dad's grave. As soon as we put Madi down she was crawling all over!
Caitlin was tired but she did manage to strike a pose! :D
It was fun to spend time with everyone. Nicholas grilled some great burgers and we ate yummy food and talked the rest of the night! Thanks for a great evening!

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