What the hail???

Wednesday I got Madi all dolled up and thought I would go take a few pictures of her after we ran a few errands for my mom. I went to put her in the basket at the first store and found green beans on my arm. That's what she had the night before for dinner. It was all over her clothes and on me. Yuck!!! I still had more errands to run and my mom doesn't live in town so I was not about to go back to change her. There was an Old Navy in the praking lot so I went over there. They didn't open until 9:30 and it was only 9:00. So we waited. As sootn as they opened we went in and looked through the clearance. It must have been the first mark down because the cheapest thing was $8.49. After about 5 min. I decided to go to The Children's Place at the other end of the strip mall. I saw a *SALE* sign. I drove over but they were closed. They opened at 10:00. So again, we waited. I ended up with a cute pair of orange shorts and a pink and orange tank. After all that she was too tired and too ornery to take pictures. :( Thursday morning we had a huge hail storm!
Here is a piece after it had already melted a bit. Some areas got hail the size of ping pong balls! CRAZY!!!
Since it was crappy weather it was an inside day. When Josh got home from school Madi wanted him right away. After a few minutes they were both out! How sweet are they! :D
We left late Thursday for the LONG drive home. Madi did great again! What a champ!

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