Madi wore her first ponytail today. She is so cute! It was a gorgeous Sunday so after church we laid a blanket on the grass and played outside for a little while. Madi HATES grass but is starting to be curious about it. We were working in our garden last night and Madi crawled of the blanket and as soon as she did she just knelt there bawling. I think she is not sure about the way it feels on her skin. Today she was picking it and played for a minute and then grabbed a new one.Madi will eat anything! It doesn't matter what it is she wants to put it in her mouth. Last night, she ate dirt for the first time. It wasn't her favorite thing. :D I love this stage because I love to see how she reacts to the flavors and textures she puts in her mouth. Madi has six teeth and she has started biting. She mostly bites clothes or blankets but she has bit me a few times.
I am so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband. I love them both so much!


  1. Oh how cute is she?? Really Mel she is darling. I'm so glad your trip went so well, and that your mom's surgery went well. I can not get over Josh and Rachel, holy cow I feel old. : )

  2. Cassee always hated the grass too. She'd hold her legs up if we attempted to put her down. So fuuny!
    I love the picture of Madi shoving the doll's head into her mouth! She's so cute!!

  3. Ava and Parker both went through a stage where they ate the pea gravel at the playground