This week  I have spent a lot of time craftin'.  I LOVE to craft.  It relieves stress and is so relaxing for me.
 Hard to see in the picture above but the black has glitter...
 ...and I found some chunky glitter I love for the red!


  1. So cute! Did you get it from the wood connection?

  2. Okay, so I am rather confused b/c I haven't seen your blog in so long and it made me wonder if you have 2? I looked for a trace and I will have to look elsewhere b/c I didn't see it in my blog role...I just thought you hadn't been blogging b/ c I just look at the ones that update at the top from the RSS feed. Anyway, your stuff is super cute and I think we would have LOTS of fun if we lived near each other! I don't know about where you live, but people here don't craft much! My partner in crime just moved to Rexburg so I'm pulling others in. Love it all!