Twas the night before Christmas...

Growing up, my family always got to open one present on Christmas Eve, new PJ's.  This is a tradition I wanted to share with our family.  Madi was really funny.  She did not like the wrapping paper and didn't like to touch it.  Derrick opened one little part to help her get started.
Then he opened another little part since she didn't want to do it.  He hoped it would get her excited about what she saw so she would open the rest.
It didn't... 
I love this picture.  She is such a doll! 
We finally gave up and Derrick opened them for her.  She loved them and wanted them on. (yes, she went from old jammies to new jammies because mommy was too lazy to get us both dressed :D) 
After we got her bathed and in her Christmas jammies she sat on daddy's lap for some stories about Christmas. 
Madi LOVES stories and listens so intently. 
After a couple stories we read the Christmas story from Luke 2 (another family tradition) and off to bed she went!

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