Wake up... It's Christmas!!!

I LOVE Christmas.  It is one of my favorite holidays!  I get so excited and can hardly wait to get up to open presents.  I love to see the reactions of Derrick and Madi and others that I love when they open what I got them.  This year was especially fun because it was the first year that Madi could really react.  Derrick and I woke up at 6:00 and showered and got ready for the day. Here is the load that Santa left...
My mom and dad made this cradle for me when I was younger.  I gave it a fresh coat of paint and made bedding to match the quilt I hand stiched for Madi LONG before she was born and added a baby doll. 
Madi woke up to the sound of my blow dryer.  I am not so sure she was actually ready to get up but I wasn't about to let her go back to bed.  There were presents to be opened!  We tried to get her to walk out but she just sat down and cried.  Poor girl... 
Derrick carried her in though and as I hoped, she was elated with what she saw and wanted down.  She crawled straight to the cradle and wanted her baby.
She played there for a few minutes before we took her to the other side of the tree, not without her baby though. 
Her fear of wrapping paper continued to the morning. 
After several attempts to get her to open something, Derrick showed her what to do. 
Yeah!  She caught on!   
I think her favorite gift was the phone she got from Uncle Chad and Aunt Susan.  She LOVED it and has hardly put it down.  Thanks guys!  
After she opened the phone she wasn't interested in opeing anymore so Derrick opened one for her... a Tinkerbell shirt.  
This is what Madi got for Christmas.  I think she did pretty good and she really seemed to like everything she got.   
I couldn't help but pick up a few things for Easton too.  We are so excited to add a sweet little one our family! 
I got everything I wanted!  An ipod dock and some craft stuff... Derrick spoils me.  I have the best husband a girl could want! 
Derrick got some shirts and a much needed alarm clock.  (I know, boring, but he is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for.) 
We had a perfect morning!  We ate German Pancakes and went back to bed. :D

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