Madi loves to look at pictures, especially ones of her.  She looks at her scrapbook several times a week.  It is fun to watch her.  She never gets tired of it.
 She is so excited in this one because she sees her daddy.  She is totally a daddy's girl.  It is so sweet!
 Not sure if she wants to watch Einsteins or come play with mom...
 Mom won!  Peek-a-boo!!!
 I love that little grin!
 She is starting to look more and more like a little girl and not my baby anymore.  I love that she is starting to talk more too!  If only I knew what "THAT" was.  It is her favorite word and she "wants dat" all day! :D
 I love you Madi!  Thank you for being my sweet baby girl!  You are so precious to me and I love being your mommy!

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