Could something else go wrong....

It seems like the last few months we have been forking out money EVERYWHERE! We have spent $1,350 on our cars and have to register ones of them in July so that will be another $150 or so, we are re-financing and have to pay $400 for our appraisal (it will save us $198 on our mortgage since interest has dropped so much so that's ok) we spent several hundred on our vacation (also worth it) but this week our dishwasher started acting weird. We are crossing our fingers that it was just a fluke and that we won't have to replace it. Then, we came home last night and went to watch a movie and our projector won't turn on. We either need a new lamp or the lamp circut is broke. It is making a buzzing noise. We love our theater but a new lamp is $250 and if we have to replace the whole projector we may be without TV/movies for a LONG time!
Most days being an adult is great but when it comes to money it totally SUCKS!


  1. i'm sorry - but you're right some days being an adult totally sucks!

  2. Oh I hear ya!! I'm sorry that everything seems to be going crazy!! :-(