Happy 4th!

We had a great weekend! On Friday our city had West Point Days. We invited Nicholas and his family, Chris, Tiffany and Bekka to come stay the weekend and enjoy the fireworks with us. The city served sloppy joes, WATERMELON, chips and cookies. They had many things going on but we started watching the kids version of the Survivor Challenge and once it started there was no pulling us away. Some of the tasks were fairly easy like run to the slide, get your teams bandanna, tie it around your head and be the first to have all your team members done and in their seat. Other challenges, not so much, especially the FOOD challenges. The first one they had to eat tortilla chips with a boiled tomato and peanut butter. We were impressed at how well they did. One of the other food challenges was to eat cornflakes covered in black beans. This cute little girl, Sara, threw up hers but kept on EATING! She is the one that won the grand prize, a bike, and TOTALLY deserved it for eating her own barf! The second place winner, Abby, was a ROCK STAR! She had immunity in about every challenge since she was always the winner. She won a scooter. They were all around the age of 9 or 10. Next year, we are watching the adults. If they do this to the kids, we can't wait to see the adults CHALLENGES!
After Survivor we went to watch the fireworks. We set our blanket out early so we were on the front row. It looked like they FIREWORKS were falling right on us! My favorite part was when Caitlin rolled on her tummy and burried her face in my arm because she was scared. It was like if she couldn't see them they would go away! Kids are so CUTE!
Saturday Nicholas and Derrick put up some base boards and did some things around the house while us girls ran to Hobby Lobby (my FAVORITE craft store)! We got stuck behind the parade and it took us an HOUR just to get on the freeway, about 4 miles! We barbequed and then napped. We headed to Kaysville to save a spot on the hill for the fireworks at DATC. This is our favorite spot and we go about every year. We always see friends and have a great time. We headed to Castle Park down the road for a picnic dinner and so the girls could play before heading back to hang out on our blanket for the fireworks. We had fun playing cards, talking and laughing. The show was great however they changed where they shoot them off from so they weren't as great as other years. After the fireworks ended my cute niece Whitney (almost 5) said "DAMN". Her parents, of course, explained that we don't talk like that but I just couldn't help but laugh! I'm sure when me little one says a naughty word I won't find it so FUNNY! We did a few of our own fireworks on the side of the road while we let the cars leave and then headed home. What a great way to celebrate our NATION'S birthday!

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