Updates and our weekend...

Every week we say we are going to deep clean our house this weekend and then every weekend we say we will do it next weekend. Will it ever get done??? :) I did get a few things accomplished however. I finished the base boards in the nursery and I made 50 magnets for my yard sale that's coming up. I have 50 more to make and some cards and maybe some scrapbook pages and rounding up all our stuff, picking up from the couple people that are contributing and then we should be all set. I hope it will be successful.
We did a little shopping on Saturday and on Sunday mom came home from the hospital. We are glad she was able to leave the hospital and hope she has a quick recovery. It was a pretty uneventful weekend. That is okay since we have something just about every night this weekend and Saturday is our 8th anniversary. Guess the cleaning will have to wait until the next or maybe until the 15th of August. (The 1st is our yard sale and the 8th is my sister's wedding.) Have a great week!

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  1. good luck on the yard sale. We're in need of doing one too....but I am dreading it. Maybe you should come here and help! =o)