My sweet baby!!!

We were absolutely thrilled on Friday when we received the CD from the hospital that had our ultrasound pictures. We opened it with anticipation of staring at the multiple images of our beautiful baby! Much to our surprise, they only put four images on the CD! I was bummed there wasn't more and so glad that Mindy let us experience the ultrasound with her. I will always treasure that memory and can still see in my mind our baby, sucking away, and the little nose, fingers and toes. I am so excited for our baby to be born and can't wait to see all of his/her features. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our little one until we are able to post some pictures from the hospital. I know that I love them and look at them daily. Head and arm
Head and arm


  1. AWE!!! How sweet!!! I am so excited for you!!! Love you!!!

  2. fun! and Alta View? That is my hospital....that's cool your baby will be born right here!

  3. Sure can't wait to see the 'real' pics! Isn't it so fun? Just wait....it gets even more fun!