An update...

We had a wonderful and BUSY weekend! It is amazing how much junk can accumualte over the years. We spent most of Saturday dejunking two rooms that REALLY needed it and rounding stuff up for our yard sale that is coming up. We had a really enjoyable evening together. We decided that with the baby coming we would just do cards for our anniversary but I splurged and bought a fondue set. We had cheese and chocolate fondue that was SO yummy! (and so much cheaper than the Melting Pot) I was able to find a bottle of sparkling peach juice (Derrick proposed with that) and I was excited about that because it is REALLY hard to find. We spent the evening listening to some of our favorite love songs and watching our wedding video. It was a great night and I am so glad for Derrick's help throughout the day!
Sunday we brought TWO car loads of stuff down to my brothers for our yard sale. We still have a ton of stuff to gather around our house. When we got there my sweet little niece, Caitlin, ran to me and said "my Lissa's home" and hugged me. She did this over and over for about five mionutes, telling her sister and her dad. She told them "my Lissa's home" over and over and would just hug me and hug me. She is such a doll! It was so sweet and TOTALLY made my day (especially since she usually says hi to me and then asks "Where's Derrick?")! Derrick went home since he didn't feel well and I stayed to have family home evening with my aunts, uncles and cousins. We do this every month and it has been awhile since I have been able to go because it is such a long drive and gas is so expensive and it is hard to justify for an hour or two. I really enjoyed it though because I miss them all!

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