bUsy, BusY, buSy....

We had a BUSY day yesterday! It started at the doctors for Madi's 6 month/adoption finalization appointment. She weighs 16 lbs putting her in the 75% and is 25 inches long putting her in the 60% for her height. While we were there she was chewing on my fingers and she bit me with her first tooth!!! One finally broke through and the other one is so close you can see it. I will post a picture as soon as she will move her tongue without the help of my fingers. :)
Since Derrick is sick we brought him along with is. He has bronchitis. He just finished his medicine for pneumonia a week and a half ago! The poor guy. I dropped him off at his parents so he could rest and so I didn't have to take him back home and headed down to Lehi for a much needed hair cut.
Bekka, my sister, is going to cosmetology school so I went to be her model for the day. She did an AWESOME job and I would recommend her to anyone! I will post pics of the cut soon. Since Taylor was there with me and she was so good and has been wonderful at keeping her panties dry (yep, she's potty training) she got her nails painted and even got little flowers on them.
After we were done there and grabbing a quick bite to eat we went to my brothers to play. My niece Caitlin is only a month younger than Taylor. While they played I thought I would play with my cute little nephew Brenton. He is ten days younger than Madi. I picked him up only to have him totally FREAK OUT on me. I seem to remember Whitney and Caitlin both doing this as well and I would just have to hold them until they liked me, sometimes it took a while. :D Brenton was completely inconsolable in my arms and his crying started Madi crying. After a few minutes, his daddy, Nicholas, rescued him from me and was able to calm him back down. I really wish I lived closer or they lived closer or something so that they would know me and not get so upset when I pick them up. Seriously, the girls both love me now that they remember me. :D
We headed to Target to fill Derrick's prescription and by that time it was time to head back to Bountiful to drop Taylor off to her mom. I went and picked up Derrick and then stopped at Costco to pick up Madi's announcement which I have to say turned out so good. She FINALLY gave me her beautiful smile while I had my camera out. What a sweetheart!

We stopped at the distribution center for a few things before going to LDS Family Services for our FINAL supervisory visit with Lisa, our caseworker. We were there until 7:30 and then were finally able to go home from our LONG day and curl up on the couch with Simon, Randy, Kara and Victoria. It was a great day and we got lots done but I am looking forward to a slower day, with less driving, at home. :D

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