My mom gave Madi a gift card to Wal-Mart for Christmas. We took her down the toy aisle and let her pick a couple toys. She picked a sea horse that has a glowing tummy and plays music and a baby doll. She LOVES them both! She will stare at her baby's face and gets so excited when we bring it out.
Giving baby kisses Madi has been wanting to sit up or stand. She does not enjoy laying on her back like she used to. I try to have her sit every day and she is getting pretty good. She will sit a few minutes before she gradually goes closer and closer to the floor, folding herself in half. :) I tried to get Madi to show me her teeth for the camera but her tongue was in the way in most of them. You can kind of see them in this one.
Madi's teeth... with a little help from mom. :)Madi is doing new things every day. It is fun to start feeding her new things. She HATES peas. She LOVES sweet potatoes. She thinks pears, apples and peaches are SOUR and makes the cutest faces when we feed her these. She isn't so sure about the chicken and vegitable dinner and doesn't seem to mind carrots. She likes to chew on frozen fruit. She has tried mangoes and peaches and I think she likes the mango best.
Since she has got her teeth she has started to chew her fingers on the side of her mouth. On occasion she bites them or her tongue and I have to remind her that it hurts when we bite. The poor kid. All these new things to learn and remember. :)

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