Merry Christmas...

We had an almost PERFECT Christmas! Derrick and Madi were both sick but other than that it was perfect!After Madi had eaten and we had read from Luke 2 daddy brought out Madi for her first Christmas. She was a little out of it since she usually goes back to bed after her first feeding of the day and a lor overwhelmed by mom and dad and all the excitement. :DI made BIG pillows for each of us to go down in the theater. Madi and Derrick both got matching flannel rag blankets. Madi's pillow is bigger than her!Santa brought Madi a jumparoo. She LOVES it! She kept trying to pull the flowers to her mouth and got a little frusterated when they didn't come. It was so cute to watch!Madi got her jumparoo, a pillow and blanket, three books, a crawl toy and a shirt.Derrick got a pillow and blanket, stuff for his planner, a couple shirts, socks and a shoe polish kit.I got a pillow, a book, Up, "WINTER" letters, frames and a couple shirts.After the presents were opened and we set Madi by hers for some pictures this is what we got...The poor girl was COMPLETELY worn out! We straightened her out and gave her her binki and within seconds she was out cold.

It was a wonderful first Christmas for our little family and we can't wait until next year when Madi will be a little older!!!

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