Growing so fast...

Madi is growing up so fast! She is five months and a week. She is eating solids, has figured out that if she sucks then her sippy works, she has rolled from her tummy to her back and her back to her tummy, she had her first high fever (102 degrees) and her first antibiotic. We are hoping, for her sake, that she will be getting her first tooth any day. In less than a month she will be legal ours and in a little over a month she will be eternally ours!!! (side note: If you are coming to the sealing, we had to change it 5:00 pm). I am loving every minute of being her mom. I love the kisses she gives and how excited she gets to see me. She is such an angel and I am so blessed to be her mom.

This is Madi's Christmas dress. We are trying to get the perfect picture to send as her announcement (we decided to send them for our sealing instead of her birth) and while she looks stinkin' cute, I am just not feelin' it. I think it's the bow.

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