Derrick and I have felt pretty safe since the recession started as far as his job goes. Turns out that when people are having a hard time, beer sales go up. We did not expect however, for Miller and Coors to merge. Because of the merger, the Miller distributor in Salt Lake is buying M&M Distributing. From the sounds of it they intend to move everything over to M&M Distributing and sell their warehouse. Since they already have a staff, they don't need the employees that are currently working for M&M. That means if the sale goes through (VERY likely at this point) then Derrick won't have a job come the end of February/beginning of March. So, we are officially looking for jobs.


  1. i'm SO sorry to hear that - i'll be praying that the perfect thing comes quickly for you!

  2. Ohhh!!! That sucks! I'm so sorry. Want your old job back? They're interviewing. Kyle's leaving.


  3. We just went through this, so stressful. Heavenly Father hears your prayers, ask for peace. Love you and we will keep you in our prayers.