I love Saturdays!!!

I love Saturday's for several reasons but the biggest one is that Derrick is home from work and gets to spend time with us. We started our day with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with Mom and Dad Hawkins to celebrate my birthday. After a great meal we walked around the mall. We let Madi take a spin in the corvette. She loved it and wanted to go again!Checking before she reverses... :D
One of the things that I remember about the mall I grew up around is that when I would go I would get a sample at See's Candy and sometimes their chocolate sucker. We each got one today and I remember why I love them. They are so good!!!! Yumm!!! Madi thought so too.
I like this picture. The look reminds me a little of my nephew Miles for some reason.
She LOVED the sucker!
I love this face! Can't get enough of this kid!!!
"All done Mom!" Whoever made the straps to keep kids in needs to rethink them because it doesn't matter what, where or how tight, this girl can figure out a way out or at least how to stand up! We were at a new potato place tonight called Brixton's. It was good food. Anyway, Madi was buckled in to a booster seat and next thing I know she is standing on the bench, walking over to me with the booster still stuck to her tush! Gotta love it!


  1. Cute! She does have a look of Miles. It might be cause Miles always has a messy face and a sucker in his mouth! =o) Just made me think that we were with you guys last 'Cheesecake Factory' Birthday. MMMMMmmmm. Wish we were there this time too. Hope your birthday is happy! Can't believe how big Madi is getting.

  2. We love Saturdays too. Happy happy birthday my wonderful friend. Love love love you!!!