Madi the Explorer...

There is not a drawer or cupboard on the lower section of my kitchen that Madi has not explored. Lucky for me, I have been around kids my whole life and expected that, so I put things that were okay for her to play with in the lower cabinets. What I didn't realize is how much useless crap I had in my kitchen. Since I can't keep it picked up with her awake, I went through it today and threw out most of it. I did it with the toys and books too, except I just boxed those. Then I can switch them out in a few months and she will have new things to play with. Hopefully now I might be able to keep a little sanity in the messes of the day! :D
Mess or no mess, I love that Madi is exploring and learning new things. It is so much fun to watch her and teach her. Her latest favorite thing is to empty the pots and pans and then climb in.

"Uh oh... Mom caught me"

She is such a delight! How can you not love that little face of hers?!?!?!

Madi has learned from a couple of her friends to hit and scream. As a result, Madi got her first time out yesterday and her second today. I am not loving that but she has to learn you don't hit and scream at people, especially mom. She has been much better this afternoon about it. Hopefully she learns her lesson early! :D

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  1. Oh I love her. I wish we were closer so our girls could explore together. We have those same jammies btw, probuly in the same size 18 months right : )??