A special evening...

Last night we were able to meet Madi's biological half brother and his family. His name is Ander. He was adopted as well. Ander is seventeen months older than Madi. He is full of energy and so cute!!! We met at Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country, had a great picnic, talked and saw the animals. Ander's older sister was adopted as well so we were able to hear that story too. It is such a blessing and I love to hear the stories and experiences of others about their adoptions. Each one is so unique and so precious to the family that experiences it. Something cool... his adorable sister, Audrey, and I share our birthdays. Happy Birthday Audrey!!! Madi is sick and her allergies seemed to show as we looked at all the animals but she loved to see them and we can't wait to take her back!
She went on her first pony ride. At first she wasn't sure but she seemed to like it more and more as the ride went on. She was smiling but we didn't get a picture of that. :(
Ander on his pony. He couldn't wait to get on for a ride!!!
Giddy up pony...
Madi and daddy...
We tried to get a great picture of Ander and Madi together. This is the best I got. Maybe Ander's mom got better ones. If not we will have to try some other time. They are still so cute.
We had a wonderful night and it was so fun to meet Ander and his family. We enjoyed a shake at Iceberg after and then the kids were done. We are grateful they were willing to meet us and have contact and hope to do it again!

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