Lack of pictures....

Sorry folks, I haven't had the camera out much this week. I had a wonderful birthday on Sunday. Derrick spoiled me from morning until we went to bed and on Saturday too. He made breakfast and we had cheese and chocolate fondue for dinner. He got me a few things from the Wood Connection and was attentive all day.
We have had a busy week getting errands run and stuff mostly boring, but there are a few things going on.
First, we took Madi to the ENT. She will be getting tubes in her ears on Oct. 1st. The test that checks for fluid in your middle ear is a line that is supposed to spike in the middle of it if everything is good. Madi's was completely flat in both ears. She has mild hearing loss because of it but once it's drained and the tubes are in things should be good. I am hoping that it will help her balance too, because the poor kid bonks her head on EVERYTHING!
She also is cutting teeth which will bring her grand total to 12! She has the eight front ones and here fourth molar is just barely poking through. She does so well with it all. I am grateful for that.
Starting next week I will be taking two more kids to tend. I will watch them five days a week, every other week. Hopefully they still nap 'cause I have a feeling that on the days I have all five I am going to need an hour or two to regroup. Anyone have any good ideas for crafts or fun things with toddler age kids? I have done lots but am starting to run out of ideas and will only be able to go places when it is just Kyah, Madi and I.
We are looking forward to the weekend and going to the Utah State Fair. Derrick's work gives us tickets every year. We love the time when Derrick is home so we all look forward to Friday nights and the beginning of our weekend. If only they didn't end so soon! :D
Oh, I almost forgot! Madi has been climbing up the stairs for a long time. She knew how to climb down them but fell down a few after she started learning and has had no interest since. She would just sit at the top of the stairs and wait for you. Last week at my friends she watched Guire do it over and over and decided to give it a try. She did fine and that was that. Then nothing once we got home. Today though I went down to start laundry and she followed me down. She did great! Then she decided to just go up and down for about a half hour! Guess I better make sure doors are shut and things up downstairs too! :D

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  1. I am so glad she is being so brave again and doing the stairs. She is seriously way to cute. : )