Utah State Fair...

On the 18th we went to the state fair. Madi LOVES animals so we thought she might enjoy it. We could have parked her anywhere and she would have been thrilled! She thoroughly enjoyed watching all the people and seeing all the colors and rides. There were some goats out so we let Madi pet them. She thought this was totally cool!
Until he turned his head toward her! :D
There was a calf that was a week old they were letting people pet. His name is Dark Chocolate, or DC for short.
Of course she got to ride a pony. You can't really tell from the pictures but she actually really enjoyed them and cried when she had to get off.
Daddy walking with his girl...
They have a farm thing for the kids to do. You start at the barn and then go to a silo. At the silo you get grain. You go to the barn and feed the grain to the cows and then you milk the cow.
You head to the orchard and pick an apple and then get a seed. Madi's "seed" is onions. She is showing me her seed. You plant it and then go another garden and harvest your crop.
Here she is eating her harvest... an onion. (don't worry, it's plastic)You fill your tractor with gas and somehay that you bring to the sheep. While you are there you shear your sheep.
After that you head to the farmer's market to sale the goods. I thought it was a cute way for the kids to learn the process of where some of the daily items come from.
Of course we couldn't miss the BIG YELLOW SLIDE! I skipped it but Derrick took Madi. Can you see the look of fear on her face???
Almost to the bottom...
What a great ride!!!

We had planned to stay until dark and take her on the ferris wheel and show her all the lights but she was exhausted and it was only five so we went to see Grandma and Grandpa instead. :D We had a great day!

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