I want a cow or a turtle or a zebra...

It's a pillow... It's a pet (dumb computer keeps flipping the orientation, oh well)...
It's a pillow pet!!!
At the fair they had Pillow Pet booths all over. Madi loved them. She would pick up one and kiss and then move to the next and kiss it and so on. So, grandma and grandpa gave her a little money for us to get her one before her surgery. Of course at the fair we had talked getting her one and what one would it be but decided we didn't have the money for it but we had a few we liked, the cow, turtle and zebra. So, with the gift from grandma and grandpa, we were on a mission to find just that.
For all you that are starting early on your Christmas shopping I'm gonna help you out...
  • Toys'R'Us has the bee and the ladybug. (The one in Layton only had one of each left.)
  • Target is carrying the bee and the ladybug. They are on an end cap near the childrens bedroom decor.
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond has the bee, ladybug, dog and unicorn. They are in a bin in the middle aisle by the drapes and towels.
  • Kohl's isn't carrying them as of yet.
  • Heard rumor that JC Penny's had them but the one in Layton doesn't and isn't sure if they will.
  • Hallmark's are carrying them. The Layton one has the panda, ladybug, bee, cat and unicorn. They are about $5 more than everywhere else. Asked about the cow and they said it is on back order until AFTER Christmas. They also had matching Blanket Pets that were $30.
  • Smith's Marketplace has the bee, ladybug, dog and unicorn.
  • Clinton WalMart has penguins, dolphins, unicorns, monkeys and pandas.
  • Syracuse WalMart has bees, ladybugs, pandas and unicorns.
  • Barnes & Noble doesn't carry them as of yet.

Okay, I so I am freak. Madi doesn't even care what one she gets but yes, I ran all over looking for one of the three we wanted with Madi, Kyah and Jaxon over the last two days. All the stores have them for around $20 except Hallmark. Oh, and there is NO kiosk in the Layton Hills Mall as of yet.

Madi got the bee and she loves it. She lays on it and hugs it and kisses it. It was nap time so she wouldn't even crack a smile. I need to stop taking pictures at nap time! :D Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

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  1. They have a ton at our Walgreens and you get get 2 for 30 right now with a coupon. I have no idea which ones they have however.