Last night Madi had a bubble bath. She didn't want to get out so we let her play and play. By the time we got her out she was a little prune! We got her in her pjs and all ready for bed. Then Derrick and I went into the kitchen to get the scriptures and her bottle. When Derrick went back in her room she wasn't there. He came back out and saw her in the tub. Yep, she got in all by herself!
When she saw us at the door way she started climbing back out.
She must have barely made it. Look how short her little legs are!
Okay, I need suggestions. Can you see the little bruise on Madi's forehead? It's about the size of a quarter and is always there because when she sleeps she scoots herself up to the bars as far as she can and rest her head right there. She usually wakes up with a good dent in her forehead. The other problem she has with her crib is that she gets her chubby little knees stuck in between the bars. I have to butter them to get them out. I am afraid she's going to break her leg trying to get them out one day. I have measured the spacing and it 2 1/8" so totally within standards. We put a bumper in but she would push it down and lay on it and still push her head into the bars when she slept. Aside from moving her to a big girl bed does anyone have suggestions?

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  1. We have not come across either of those problems. what does her crib look like.