Davis Surgical Center...

Friday morning we took Madi to Davis Surgical Center to get her tubes put in. Her appointment was at 10:00. We got there and did the paperwork and they called us back about fifteen minutes later. (Check out Madi's new shoes. Aren't they so cute!) We got Madi some soft, flannel Tinkerbell jammies and grandma and grandpa got her a set of touch and feel animal books. She LOVES them!Ready for the doctor...
We waited for awhile and then put Madi in the wagon because she was getting restless.
We rolled her around and she played in it and enjoyed the big, red wagon.
Then she decided it was her turn to push it around. She would get going and then bump into the wall or something else and get mad. The room was only about 10x10.
We were in there for awhile. Her doctor got caught up in another surgery so he didn't even get to the center until a little after 12:00. What a big girl!
She had had enough and was tired of being in the room by the time they came to get her. Here she is trying to get away!
About ten minutes after they took her they came and said everything went great and five minutes after that they came and told us she was awake and we could go back with her. She was FREAKING OUT when we got to her. I have never seen her so mad. She was literally climbing out of my arms and screaming. The poor kid. She calmed down after fifteen minutes or so and then we were able to bring her home. As soon as I put her in her car seat she crashed and slept for three hours. When she woke up she was her happy little self and has been since.

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