You have to pick your battles...

We thought that Madi was becoming a picky eater because she wouldn't want foods that she has liked other times. It didn't take me long to figure out that she had actually entered her "do it myself" phase. If we won't let her feed it to herself she won't eat it. We usually let her try but most of our meals aren't too messy or we alter them a little for her. Today we had chili for lunch and she REALLY wanted to feed herself. Since she hadn't had a bath and I needed to mop the floor I gave in on this oh so messy lunch.
She likes Danimal Smoothies but I usually hold them and she throws a fit while she drinks them because she wants to hold it. Problem is it would be all over in a matter of seconds if I let her hold them but, I let her today. She is trying to put her straw in it.
See, all over! She used her hands and legs to make sure she could spread it as far as possible.
I love watching Madi grow. It is so fun to watch her change and learn new things. I enjoy every minute with her and don't mind cleaning up her messes. I love to see her try new things like trying to feed herself with a spoon or fork. I love her excitement when I ask her if she wants a bath. I love her chatter and that she likes to sing with me or the radio. I love reading her stories and cuddling with her. Being a mom is so much better than I ever imagined. What an amazing little girl I have! I love you sweet Madi!

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