A rough day for Kyah...

We had planned to go to the zoo this morning while Jaxon's at school. We have breakfast, pack a lunch and head out. I got off the freeway and Kyah said the seat belt was hurting her tummy. I told her to pull it out a little so it wasn't so tight. She did and said it still hurt. Moments later she puked. Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't do puke. I pulled over, got some wipes and started cleaning it up. Within seconds I was puking all over the parking lot. Once we were all cleaned up Kyah seemed really perky so I asked her how she felt. She said good and she wanted to go to the zoo.
We got to the zoo and pretty much all the animals were out. Most were eating there lunch. It was cool to watch. While we were watching the orangutans play, Kyah grabbed onto the fence. She got a big sliver. It is deep too. She wouldn't let me get it out and was crying cause it hurt. The carousel cheered her up though!
Madi rode it by herself without me holding onto her for the first time. She LOVED it! I love this girl! I could just kiss those chubby cheeks all day!
She rode on the panda bear. Kyah picked the tiger.
See, told ya it made her happy! :D
After the carousel we went to see the tigers. Madi actually say on the bronze tigers for a picture. Yeah Madi!!!
On the way to see the elephants Kyah fell. She was okay but then on our way out she fell AGAIN! Poor kid is going to have bruised knees and a sore hand from her zoo trip. Hopefully the rest of the day goes a little better for her. :D

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  1. Thanks for taking care of my girl... sorry about the puke! Things I have learned with her as a daughter... a puke bag or bowl are necessary on all car trips. :) P.S> we got the sliver out.