The Pumpkin Walk...

Last Friday night we went to West Point City's Halloween Carnival. We stayed for about five minutes before deciding that she was still a little young for it. So, we headed to our next stop... Syracuse City's Pumpkin Walk... The Pumpkin Walk was started 30 years ago by Liseanne's grandparents. (The friend in my ward that is having her second set of twins in four weeks. So jealous!) Ten years ago, Syracuse City adopted it. We hadn't been before but really wanted to see what it was all about. We got there a few minutes before 8:00. There was a line but it looked like it was moving quick and didn't seem to be too long. They had some blow up decorations by the line and Madi kept pointing at them so I thought I would take her to see them. She saw and that was enough for her...
The poor girl was terrified of the enormous kitty!
We went back to join Derrick and wait our turn. We were TOTALLY deceived by the line. After waiting about twenty minutes we were able to see that the REAL line went behind the library, across the parking lot, down the sidewalk and then doubled back toward the city building, along side it, around the front of it, past the park, to the police station were the walk began. Madi started fussing so Derrick went to get her some popcorn. Who knows why but it took almost half an hour to get it. The kind lady behind us gave her a handful which kept her happy for a bout five seconds.
By the time Derrick got back she was in complete melt down mode. She had had it. She wanted the drink of the guy behind us so when Derrick came back I went to get a bottled water. (Since we ate right before we came and I had changed her diaper we left the diaper bag at home. BIG mistake!) I got back and gave her some water. By this point we had been in line over an hour and I was not about to give up and go home. So, I bent over in her stroller and sang to her while rubbing her cheek and pushing her stroller a little back and forth. It worked!!! She fell asleep. :DAfter waiting in a longer line then the ones at Disneyland (and I am NOT exaggerating) we finally got to the beginning. The pumpkins were amazing! There were over 1,100 pumpkins, many with so many tiny details. They truly were pieces of art. I loved this one. The man at the end of the evolution chain is saying "Stop following me!" Another one I thought was awesome was a chunky kid on a teeter totter and the little one was in the air. It read "Stop childhood obesity".
There were so many that were incredible. Liseanne's kids all had pumpkins in there. Cordell did a terrific one of Joseph Smith. I thought I had taken a picture of it but I must not have because it wasn't on my camera.
Here is a group of pumpkins from the kids at the Kiddie Kollege. (I think Liseanne's family owns it.)
More from the Kiddie Kollege...Toy story pumpkins...
Movie titles...
Doc... (They had just about every Disney movie throughout the walk.)
Donald Duck...
Liseanne said the ones that are really detailed like these were done mostly by her family and her brother's families.
This one's for you Chris... Darth was actually there along with some storm troopers and a few other Star Wars characters. I didn't get pictures of them though.
Even with the long line we decided to make it a family tradition. It was so fun and even more special to see the talent of the kids in my primary. Liseanne's are some of the funnest kids I know. I love to see them each week and am so blessed to be in the primary with them and so many other little ones. Thanks Liseanne for the suggestion and for sharing your families talents!


  1. Oh I love the pics of Madi, she is so darling. Next year it will go more smoothly, I promise. Well the giant kitty might still freak her out : )

  2. I am SOOO VERY glad that you endured the line. That is what makes it worth all the effort for my family and friends is to have people appreciate it! I am glad you liked it. Thank you for the nice comment about my kids also, its great to have great people in Primary like you!

    p.s for the last two years.. the night to come to the Pumpkin Walk is Saturday. It's always the shortest line. Just a hint for next year! :-)