Miss Madi...

Little miss Madi is growing up so fast. She loves to climb in anything she can and has recently discovered the cupboards at the bottom of our armoire. Some of her favorite things to do is to look at books and have stories read to her, watch Baby Einstein's (any with animals) and play with her Little People Zoo. She LOVES animals and gets giddy when she sees one whether it is real, stuffed, on TV or in a book. She loves to watch people and lately is really into babies. She will point them out anytime she sees one. (I think she is getting ready to be a big sister. I know I am ready for another little one. We will be starting the long adoption process again soon!) She HATES her car seat. I think I would too. I am sure she will be better when we change it to forward facing but I want to keep it rear as long as possible. She has twelve teeth and is cutting all four eye teeth right now. She LOVES green beans, meat, cheese and especially her bottle, but will only drink milk from it. Her favorite place to be is outside. She points out the window all day and if she sees you head for the door she follows as quick as she can so she can come too. She still isn't walking on her own yet which totally shocks me since she has been doing it for seven months while she is holding onto something. Guess she's just not ready. She says more and more words but mama, dada and Jesus are the only ones she says consistently. Yesterday she said Bekka and she has been saying horse and fish lately. She is such a joy to have in our home and in our family. I can't imagine life without her. I love her so much and am so grateful to be her mom! I love you sweet baby!

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