A new family tradition...

Yesterday we started a new family Halloween tradition. We went to Black Island Farms and had so much fun that we decided we were going to do this every year. They had an animal alley that you could see all the farm animals and feed them if you wanted. Most of them were not close enough to the fence to be able to feed them though. Madi LOVES animals so she really enjoyed that.

They had a swing set that had three tire swings, a shark, a horse and a bull. Here's Derrick and Madi on the shark. Derrick said they were NOT comfortable. :D They had two bulls that you could rope. We didn't rope them but did let Madi have a ride. She thought that was pretty fun.

I love this picture!

Next was the big haystack slide. Madi and I went down it first. Climbing up was fun because it was just a rope net to use, no stairs. Would've been easier without Madi but we made it up. Madi was actually a little scared on this.
Next was Derrick's turn with Madi. I told him to have fun and when he saw the net, he knew why. :D Madi looks like she is going to fall right out of his arms. She's hanging on for dear life!
At the bottom they slid right off trying to miss a kid that went down at the same time. They had a grain chute slide that was next but I failed to get pictures of that. We rode on the cow train. It was a bumpy ride! Here's Derrick and Madi in their "cow".
Next was one of Madi's favorites, the corn box. We buried her in the corn. She wasn't sure about it at first but seemed to like it after a minute or two.
Gettin' a little corny!!!Madi would have played in this the rest of the day if we had let her. We got her out and she climbed right back in.
They had a smaller hay slide for little kids. (they actually had two others in between the big and little ones too) Under it were barrels to climb through. Madi thought this was great! She crawled from one side to the other. She didn't go all the way though. She made sure she stayed far enough from the opening that we couldn't grab her. After about five minutes of trying to coax her, Derrick crawled in to get her so some other kids could have a turn.
Madi enjoyed the little slide much more. She would copy the other kids and try to climb up it after she slid down. She actually did really well. The other adults kept commenting on how strong she is.
"Keep going Madi, you're half way there!"She is a tough little girl! The kids would slide into her or knock her down and she would just grin and try again.
Sliding back down
She had so much fun doing this and didn't want to leave this either.
I know there are tons of pictures but we didn't get pictures of the rest. We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and got a couple pumpkins. We went through one of their Twilight themed corn mazes and by then Madi was hungry and tired so we headed home. There was so much more there to do. They had four mazes, one was haunted, a haunted barn, live music, face painting, farmers market and lots more in the courtyard were the slides were. We had a wonderful time and all really enjoyed ourselves. Can't wait til next year!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun. I want to go. Love you!!!