Our little Easton boy is getting big too fast!  I swear that we just brought him home from the hospital last week.  None the less, he continues to grow and reach new milestones with each new day. 
Easton started sleeping through the night the day he turned 3 months old.  It was a very nice, very welcome gift to his mama.  He has also blossomed into this happy little guy that makes us grin from ear to ear.  He loves to laugh, long and loud and clear! (Okay, are you singing the song?  I think Madi watches Mary Poppins at least twice a week.  She LOVES that movie so I couldn't resist!)  The other night I had finished feeding him and he was asleep while I held him in the rocking chair.  He started laughing so hard he woke himself up.  It made me laugh.
He loves to play pat-a-cake and have us sing to him.  He has the biggest grin and has been so much more vocal since he had his tubes put in. 
He absolutely adores his sister and giggles when she plays with him.  He will follow her with his eyes as she moves around the room.  Madi has gotten a lot sweeter with him too.
Easton is starting to build his upper body muscles and likes to sit and see everything going on.  Since I never bought a Bumbo, we brought Madi's jumpy jump upstairs for him to try.  It was a hit with him. not so much with Madi (she still likes to play in it).
Now I need to take it apart and give it a good scrubbin' so it isn't so yucky for our boy.
Just the other day Easton rolled from his tummy to his back.  He has done it two other times and has tried really hard to do it a few other times.  He also scoots himself around a little with his toes.  He has really started drooling a TON lately.  I change him several times a day and then I usually give up in the afternoon and just strip him down to his diaper because it doesn't stop coming.  I remember Madi started drooling about this age and I thought it was from her teeth coming in.  Looking back through her baby book I saw she actually was a month and a half older when she cut her first tooth.  I guess we will see if Easton takes that long or not. 
Easton really is a joy to have in our family and we are so thankful to be his parents.  We love our little Easton boy!

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