Miss Madi turned two on July 30th.  How did that happen???  It sure seems like these last two years have gone by way too quick.  Here she is with her new bubble mower.
Some of Madi's favorites at two:
Foods: Noodles, chocolate and Lucky Charms
Colors: Pink and purple
Characters: Tinkerbell and Disney Princesses (although she still picks Tink over the other ladies)
Movies: Signing Time, Marry Poppins, Little Rascals, The Santa Clause and Elf
Things to do: play in water, be outside and anything with animals
Best friends: Guire and Kaitlyn
Favorite people: Grandma, Grandpa and Chani
Obsessions: animals and music
Word: NO
(Her stats will be coming but not until Aug. 25th.)
Madi is a pretty good helper and for the most part she minds really well.  There are times though that she will ask to sit on her bed or go to the corner instead of doing what I asked her to.  Where does she come up with that??? :D  She is a good sister to Easton and is very concerned if he cries.  She will bursts into tears and tell us "he's sad, he's sad".  She has such a tender heart. 
We are grateful to have her in our family.  She adds so much joy and laughter to our home.  Such a sweet little girl.  She is totally a daddy's girl but still likes to cuddle with me a bit.  She likes to help cook and always wants to see what we are doing.  Her favorite saying right now is "carry ya" (meaning 'carry me').  She has started opening doors by herself and likes to go potty in the toilet.  (We aren't in full blown potty training mode yet but we will be starting soon)  She had her adenoids removed and tubes put in her ears again so hopefully this will help her this time.  Even when she doesn't feel good she is still pretty happy.  We love our little lady and are so blessed that she is ours!

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