What a weekend!!!

We had a crazy weekend!  My sister-in-law, Christina, flew down from WA state to see her mom because she was sick and in the hospital.  After she arrived she found out that her mom was not going to make it out of the hospital.  Since Nicholas was still in WA, I went to be with Christina.  Barbara passed away on Saturday at 12:46 am.  Nicholas drove through the night so he could be there when Christina woke up that morning.  I was able to spend a day with my two beautiful nieces and my super cute nephew.  It was so fun to see them since I have missed them like crazy since they moved to WA a year ago.  These little kiddos are growing up way too fast!  I wish we had seen them under better circumstances but it was great to see them anyway!  I love you guys and am glad I was able to spend some extra time with Christina.  I am thankful for my family, especially Derrick, who has been amazing and is always such a help to me.  I am grateful for Jalene for taking my kids on short notice and making me available for Christina.

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