I need help...

I need advice and suggestions.  Madi is mean.  If she isn't getting 100% of undivided attention or if she doesn't get her way she will hit, step on, lay on or anything else she can think of to make Easton cry.  She does it to her friends too.  I have tried time outs, buckling her in a chair and facing it to the wall, talking to her, sending her to her room, nose in the corner, taking away privileges and nothing works.  Any suggestions on things to try?  I am getting so frustrated with her being so mean.  She gets tons of attention from both Derrick and I, individual and with Easton.  I don't know what else to do.


  1. I think it's an age thing. All my kids have done the same thing at Madi's age where there was a new sibling brought home. It is still very frustrating! Good luck.

  2. It's the age. P-man does really well with positive reinforcement. We use kindness bucks, he earns them when he is nice, shares, helps someone and anything to encourage good behavior, he is a different kid (in a good way). Good luck!!!

  3. It is the age, but consistency is still super important. It's different with each kid, so you have to adapt to each one. With Ava we had to take away her stuffed animals or toys. With Parker he has to put his nose in the corner. You just have to find the one thing that works for her. Good luck!