More birthday fun...

Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins gave Madi some money for her birthday so after she took a nap we went to her favorite store... Toys'R'Us.  We walked around the whole store before picking up this fun water sink for Madi.  We also took her to Noodles for dinner since it is one of her favorite foods. 
We had to wait until the following day to put together the sink because we didn't get home until after dark. 
 There are three little cups that came with it.  One is solid, one has one hole and the other has several holes for the water to drain out.  There is also a water wheel.
What sold Derrick though was the working faucet.  The water recirculates itself when you push the pump.  She is still a little too short for that but there are several years of play for this toy. 
It only took her a minute or two to figure out that she could climb in the sink all by herself.  Trying to keep this kid out of water is almost impossible! :D
 Look at that grin!  She is so proud of herself for doing it with no help... 

Then she thought she would dunk her head in...
It is always so much fun to watch Madi play.  She loves to be outside and in the water and can't get enough of it.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins for the fun present!

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