Yesterday we had the chance to meet the most INCREDIBLE woman... Mindy, our birthmom. She is so sweet and has made some great and very hard changes in the last few years and we are amazed at her strength. We absolutely LOVE her and are so grateful for the most wonderful gift that she could ever give. Here are a few pictures from our meeting. The MOMS
L to R: Me, Tammy, Mindy and Derrick
(Tammy is Mindy's boyfriend's mom and has been so wonderful to visit with and so supportive to Mindy. We are very grateful that Mindy has her love and support.)
Mindy's belly (she's so tiny! :D)
Me, Mindy and Derrick
Thank you again Mindy for meeting us and we look forward to seeing you again! We love you!


  1. So glad things are going well! We can't wait to meet our neice or nephew!

  2. YAY! That is great that you got to meet and that you got pictures of it. I know in the future you'll be so thankful for the pictures!

  3. oh and thanks about the kids :) Morgan is a sweet sweet little boy.